Guaranteed BuyBack program

With the Happy-Camper guaranteed buyback program you get the change to explore Europe at your own pace with your own motorhome or campervan, simply return after your travels and collect your monies

How does it work?

After discussing a price for the motorhome or campervan you like, we will set up a contract with your name.

after the payment the motorhome will be legally yours in terms of the contract.
You will be able to choose the kind of insurance you would like and whatever you need to start your trip!
We will sort out registration and everything else! When you arrive at our main office we will give you the time to try out and get to know the motorhome or campervan while you are still in the position to ask us for help.

You can Pick up your vehicle where ever in Europe!

Most of the communication will go through e-mail. As buying a motorhome overseas is a pretty big thing we also give you the opportunity to Call, Skype and Facebook message us beside e-mail contact.

There are different kinds of Guaranteed Buyback deals for every type of profile like the backpacker couple, the Friend group, the family, you name it, we've got it! Just send us an e-mail asking for more info! Contact us by emailing  or calling 0031 6 4042 6662