Buying a van in Europe does not have to be expensive! On average our customers pay less then € 1000 per month!

Say goodbye to ridiculous rental prices or interrail fees, Travel europe on a unique way!

A Campervan will always be cheaper then a Motorhome and however a Motorhome is not cheap there are a lot of possibilities with a buy-back program, we are open for discussion and try to make it happen with all kinds of budgets.
Its hard to give you a estimated price of program as it just really depends on the time and motorhome!
The most expensive months are June till September as this is High season, the cheapest months are October/November and February/March.

Send us an e-mail and we will sort it out together!

Program price

We try to make a right price for everyone's budget, We can make all kinds of deals depending on the motorhome and the time you are going away. The registration, assurance and tax is between € 150 up to € 250 p/m for a regular motor-home between € 15.000 and € 35.000.
For a campervan we offer all in prices and this variates by timing.

Thinking of a shorter period of time?

Ask for a cheap rental deal!