Insurance & Registration

We offer 3 types of Insurance, Mandatory part, Basic Cover and Full cover, all includes road side assistance.

Mandatory part

The WA covers car insurance (third-party liability insurance), the damage for which the car owner is legally liable. The damage caused to the car, however, not be reimbursed by a third party liability insurance. Every car owner is obliged to his car (minimum) liability to insure. Because the insurance is tied to the car, there is also coverage if you let someone else drive the vehicle (unless this person is not legally authorized to drive a car).

Basic cover

Car insurance with limited liability + airframe provides cover in addition to the compulsory third party liability coverage also covers the damage to the car from a number of the conditions listed events. You should be thinking here of damage caused by theft, fire, hail / storm and smashed windows. These are usually subject to a own risk budget.

Full Cover (all risk)

An All Risk insurance is called liability + full hull. The All Risk insurance has an even more comprehensive coverage than the limited hull insurance. In an All Risk insurance is damage to the car covered in almost all situations.

We also supply international insurance with green card, good for all of Europe, Turkey and most of North Africa. The insurance covers multiple drivers (as long as we have copies of their license and passport).

Registration Service

Some years ago the rules were changed when payment for NL road tax and regular controls for insurance became automated, making it impossible for non-residents to register or insure a vehicle registered in NL or other EU countries under their own names. Because the bulk of our customers is, and always has been, tourists, we had to find a legal way to make it possible for this group to continue being able to buy and legally operate a vehicle throughout Europe and even beyond. We succeeded in doing this by creating a "Registration Service" by which we "carry" (under contract) the registration for the (Dutch) vehicle you purchase. This service is free of charge when the vehicle in question comes out of our own stock but is also available for campers purchased from other sources - as our "Finder's Service" . When you buy without us, we charge 10 % of the buy with a minimum of € 1500,=